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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

This FAQ section has answers to some common questions about If your question isn't answered here, please contact us for more information.

What do I need to practice on this website?

A computer with any modern browser, internet access and some free time. We provide the rest!

Can I take your practice tests on my mobile phone?

Our practice tests are simulating the real computer-delivered IELTS tests, and for that reason you need to take them on a computer. Taking the tests on a mobile phone isn’t possible at present; however, we are working on an app for you to take practice tests on your mobile device. Stay tuned!

How many times can I take the mock / practice tests?

There is no limit! You can take, retake and take the practice tests again, as many times as you like, during your 90 days of access. Practice makes perfect.

How do I know my score?

When you choose a Mock test mode, your Listening and Reading scores are calculated automatically, as soon as you finish answering these two sections. Your Writing or Speaking can’t be scored automatically, because this should be done by qualified, human IELTS experts. You can save your writing tasks as files to get them evaluated later.

How can I get my Writing evaluated?

You can use this Writing Correction Service – it’s really easy! All you need to do is purchase a package and start sending your tasks via email to get feedback and an estimated score. Click here to purchase a writing correction package.

How can I get my Speaking evaluated?

We highly recommend this Speaking Evaluation service. You can take an automated Speaking test online any time that suits you, and a former IELTS examiner will grade your performance and prepare an evaluation report. You will learn what your current score is likely to be in the test, and how you can improve it.

What do I do to get help?

Visit our Contact page and get in touch. Whatever the issue is, we will get it sorted quickly.



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