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Your job is to take IELTS and get your target score. Our job is to make sure you enter the examination room completely prepared, and come out with the score that unlocks the door to your dreams.

We, Robert Nicholson and Simone Braverman, created this website especially for people taking the computer-delivered IELTS.

who are robert and simone?

And How Do They Know About Getting a High Score in IELTS?

Robert Nicholson

Robert was born and educated in the UK. He has a BA degree in English, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a post graduate certificate of education, and a Diploma in teaching English to adults.

Robert has taught English around the world for over 35 years and IELTS for over 25 years. He has worked in the UK, Austria, France, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Germany, and Poland in various institutions, including the British Council, and has developed IELTS material for various companies for over 20 years.

Simone Braverman

Simone and you have more in common than you think!

English isn’t her first language, and her involvement with IELTS started more than 15 years ago, when she - just like you – had to take the IELTS test. She experienced first-hand all the problems that you may be experiencing right now, preparing for IELTS. She aced her exam, and then, to help others in the same situation, in 2005 she created the website IELTS-Blog.com – the ultimate free resource for IELTS self-study, visited by millions every year.

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IELTS High Scorer's Choice Practice Tests

Knowing all about the difficulties of people who weren’t born into English, Simone developed solutions to these problems and published them in two books that became very popular – ‘Ace the IELTS’ and ‘Target Band 7’.  Since IELTS exam techniques require deliberate practice to guarantee success, Simone and Robert joined forces and created the series ‘High Scorer’s Choice’ – 12 books of IELTS practice tests. The tests you will be doing on this website are taken from these books and presented in the computer-delivered format.

What is computer-delivered IELTS and how is it different from the paper-based IELTS?

Before the computer-based IELTS test was introduced, people used to take IELTS exams only on paper. They would read the questions and texts on paper and write all their answers by hand on the answer sheets. But then a new way to take the IELTS test emerged – the computer-delivered way.

When taking IELTS on a computer, people are reading the questions off the screen and answering them by selecting answer options, ticking boxes, moving labels or text into the right spaces, or typing answers into gaps. Almost no writing by hand is involved, unless you are quickly making some notes on a draft paper.

The only component that is the same in the computer-delivered and paper-based IELTS is the Speaking test – the assessment is done live, by a human examiner, not computer software.

If you are taking the computer-delivered IELTS, practice on a computer!

Many things that you can do on paper, you can’t do in the same way (or can’t do as easily) on a computer.

Think, for example, about writing something quickly in the question booklet, or underlining keywords or sentences. It only takes a second on paper, is very intuitive and the result is highly visible, while on a computer you need to use a mouse to add a comment and then use the keyboard to type its content, and then all you see on the screen is just a little icon showing you where your comment is, but not its actual text.

Here is another point of difference: you can’t underline words in the computer-delivered IELTS, but you can highlight the text instead. As you will see, there are many more differences between the computer-delivered and paper-based IELTS that you should be prepared for.

Your experience using the computer-delivered IELTS interface will give you a BIG advantage!

Why should I use THIS website to prepare for the computer-delivered IELTS?

Our tests feel as authentic as the real IELTS exams, but this website will help you do MORE than simply estimate your score. It will teach you how to increase it! You will be able to check your answers, see what was correct and what wasn’t, and get an explanation for all the answers you got wrong.

Looks Similar to the Real IELTS Test

The practice tests on this website look almost identical to the computer-delivered IELTS. After practicing on PassIELTSonline, when you go to take your real IELTS test, it will look very familiar. There will be no surprises, and instead of trying to work out ‘what does this button do?’, you will be concentrating on answering the questions correctly.

Feels Similar to the Real IELTS Test

Not only the way these practice tests look, but also the level of difficulty matters – they are not too easy, but not too hard.

Experience Every Possible Question Type Before the Test

Another important thing is to try every possible question type before the real test. Our practice tests will prepare you well because you will learn what you may be asked to do in IELTS, and how to do it.


Why will these practice tests help me get a higher score in IELTS?

Because they work! Because they have helped thousands of IELTS test takers before you. Because IELTS teachers choose them to prepare their students for the test. Here is why they are giving us 5 stars on Amazon, Goodreads, LinkedIn:


IELTS Test Taker

These practice tests are the best. I didn’t have much time to prepare so I only used this practice set and I got an overall band 7.5 !


IELTS Test Taker

I am happy to share that my overall band score is 7.5.

Your 10 practice tests helped me score this Band.

Sergio M. Padilla

IELTS Teacher

There is plenty of preparation materials out there, but be careful, not all of them are that good, I don't recommend them at all. So when I was given the set of Academic Practice Tests by Simone Braverman & Robert Nicholson, I was really glad to find material that's not only accurate but really helps test-takers adapt to the type of test they're about to take.

The best thing about these practice tests is the feedback I receive from my students. Whenever we have mock tests, they tell me these exams really helped them a lot, that they were accurate and precise and very much like the actual test.


IELTS Test Taker

Very good product. I used all 3 sets of them and scored an 8.5


IELTS Test Taker

I was weak and failed IELTS exam several times. I was hopeless , but somehow I discovered these tests and my final result was 7.5. I can say that tests are excellent, especially reading and listening which I got band 9 for.

Great Content - Highly Recommended!!

I purchased General Practice sets. They have really good practice tests with questions quite close to the real world.

Sample answers provide great pointers to help increase your score. It was a great tool-set for my preparation and I was easily able to score Band 8.

Highly Recommended!!

Bhatia // IELTS Test Taker

Probably the best IELTS test practice you can buy

As an IELTS tutor and coach, I have access to large numbers of books and practice test materials for IELTS Academic but it's not been so easy to find high quality practice for the General Test. Having found this site, hand on heart I'm highly delighted with quality of GT practice and the additional support materials provided by the author Simone, and the Academic tests I seen are at least as good.

I highly recommend this series to both fellow IELTS tutors and students In fact, I love them so much that I purchased a complete set of the GT practice books and am using them with my students.

David Cadogan // IELTS Tutor & Coach

A very strong tool for preparing for the IELTS

Based on my experience in IELTS (I attended the IELTS exam twice and solved over 30 authentic IELTS tests published by Cambridge), I can say that these practice tests are very comparable to those actual ones.

It provides a very strong tool for anybody who needs to prepare for the IELTS.

Mohammed Eladly // IELTS Test Taker

You deserve success just as much.

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