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The 10 most common mistakes made by IELTS candidates in the IELTS Writing Exam and how to avoid them

IELTS candidates frequently fail to get the score they require because they make some basic mistakes. Now for the first time online, I am going to reveal to you the ten most common writing test errors made by IELTS candidates and how to avoid them.

Let’s take a look at the ten most common and easily solved problems made by IELTS candidates taking the IELTS writing test:


1 Writing down memorised answers (uploaded 29.03.10)

2 Not writing enough (uploaded 30.03.10)

3 Not writing like an individual ( uploaded 30.03.10)

4 Using national stereotypes ( uploaded 01.04.10)

5 Using clichés. ( uploaded 02.04.10)

6 Writing inappropriately. ( uploaded 05.04.10)

7 Not using paragraphing. ( uploaded 08.04.10)

8 Not answering the question. ( uploaded 09.04.10)