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The 10 most common mistakes made by IELTS candidates in the IELTS Speaking Exam and how to avoid them

IELTS candidates frequently fail to get the score they require because they make some basic mistakes. Now for the first time online, I am going to reveal to you the ten most common speaking test errors made by IELTS candidates and how to avoid them.

Let’s take a look at the ten most common and easily solved problems made by IELTS candidates taking the IELTS speaking Exam:


1.Being excessively polite (uploaded 16.03.10)

2 Thinking that the IELTS Examiner is a stranger to your country (uploaded 17.03.10)

3 Not speaking like an individual (uploaded 18.03.10)

4 Using stereotypes (uploaded 19.03.10)

5 Trying to befriend the IELTS Examiner (uploaded 20.03.10)

6 Speaking too quickly during the IELTS speaking test (uploaded 22.03.10

7 Dressing inappropriately in the IELTS speaking test (uploaded 23.03.10)

8 Trying to make physical contact with the IELTS Examiner (uploaded 24.03.10)

9 Invading the IELTS Examiner's personal space (uploaded 25.03.10)

10 Speaking too loudly when answering the IELTS Examiner's questions (uploaded 26.03.10)