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IELTS Practice Writing Test Answer 3, Task 2 Answer (Posted on 03.03.10)

Task 2 Question:

Compose an essay on the following:

With the growing use of English there is no longer any need to learn other languages for communication purposes.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Provide supporting arguments for your conclusion.
Write 250 words or more


Task 2 Candidate's Answer:

sample IELTS writing answer 3

The overall band score for the above answer was 4.5. The breakdown was as follows;

Let's take a closer look at these individual scores:

Task Response (Did the candidate answer the task question?):

Good Points;

A clear viewpoint on the subject was expressed.


No clear introduction or conclusion presented. There was also no enough analysis of the opposing viewpoint.


Coherence & Conclusion (how well does the answer read?):

Good Points;

An awareness of style was evident.


Inadequate use of connective devices (phrases and vocabulary linking the different paragraphs together.


Lexical Resource ( Vocabulary):

Good Points;

Use of terms such as investor and words such as multilingual show knowledge of higher level vocabulary.


There was a clear lack of control over the use of much of the vocabulary. For example" we renowned English..." This needs to be rephrased as "we promote English..."


Grammatical Range & Accuracy (Grammar):

Good Points;

Use of terms such" doesn't sound productive and self-fulfilling" show knowledge of higher level grammar


However there is not a single grammatically accurate sentence in this entire answer.


This answer is written by somebody who has some knowledge of relatively advanced English but does not know how to construct grammatically and lexically accurate complete sentences. The answer becomes a low band scoring answer because it only offers one opinon and is not written as as an essay answer; so there is no introduction, main body and conclusion with connective devices linking in each part of the essay.