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IELTS Practice Writing Test Answer 2, Task 1 Answer (Posted on 26.02.10)

Task 2 Question:

Allow 20 minutes to complete this task.

The line chart below shows the percentage of unemployed workers in 3 countries  over a five year period.
Summarize the information by choosing and identifying the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write a minimum of 150 words.

Task 1 Chart


Task 1 Candidate's Answer:

sample IELTS writing answer

The overall band score for the above answer was 5.5. The breakdown was as follows;

Let's take a closer look at these individual scores:

Task Achievement (Did the candidate answer the task question?):

Good Points;

Main trends presented and a conclusion made.


No clear introduction presented.


Coherence & Conclusion (how well does the answer read?):

Good Points;

The main trends were identified and there was a clear conclusion is at the end of the essay, based upon an analysis of the data.


No paragraphing (there is only one paragraph for the whole answer!)


Lexical Resource ( Vocabulary):

Good Points;

Use of terms such as "common trait" and words such as "recession" show knowledge of higher level vocabulary.


Faling to complete some compound nouns such as "a steady growth(rate)."


Grammatical Range & Accuracy (Grammar):

Good Points;

Attempts at higher level grammatical sentences show an awareness of advanced grammar, such as " The only common trait these three countries share is.."


When advanced grammatical structures are attempted, there are errors, showing a lack of control over the higher levle language such as " ..these countries has gone into a recession."


The general standard of this answer is good. There are examples of higher level english in this answer, however the candidate has not taken sufficient care in avoiding some basic grammatical errors. The absence of an introduction and paragraphing also prevent this from being a high level answer.