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IELTS Practice Writing Test Answer 1, Task 2 Answer (Posted on 19.02.10)

Task 2 Question:

Compose an essay on the following:

With the growing use of English there is no longer any need to learn other languages for communication purposes.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Provide supporting arguments for your conclusion.
Write 250 words or more


Task 2 Candidate's Answer:

sample IELTS writing answer

The overall band score for the above answer was 4. The breakdown was as follows;

Let's take a closer look at these individual scores:

Task Response (Did the candidate answer the task question?):

Good Points;

An introduction, main viewpoint and conclusion made.


No clear counter argument given.


Coherence & Conclusion (how well does the answer read?):

Good Points;

The introduction is at the beginning of the essay answer and the conclusion is at the end of the essay.


Inadequate use of paragraphing (there is only one paragraph, and one sentence for the conclusion!)


Lexical Resource ( Vocabulary):

Good Points;

Use of terms such as globalization and words such as century show knowledge of higher level vocabulary.


Basic spelling errors show a lack of control of even basic words such as English.


Grammatical Range & Accuracy (Grammar):

Good Points;

Some attempts at higher level grammatical sentences such as "as a result local nations suffer.."


Even basic sentences have frequent errors showing a lack of control over even simple grammatical sentences.


This answer is a classic example a task 2 answer written by a candidate who has some knowledge of higher level English, but has not concentrated on accurately and effectively using it to answer an essay question correctly. It is vital to understand how to write an essay answer, to remember to include all the vital essay parts, and to fully answer the question. if you do not know how to write an essay answer then you cannot get high marks. If you do know how to write an essay answer in English and have learn to use some higher level linking phrases between paragraphs, then you will score highly even if you do not fully undertand the question.